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The Ketzal Guarantee 

We back everything we make with our 3 year "bumper to bumper" warranty. If your item has a failure due to its construction or a bad part, we will fix or replace it for free. Just ship it to us and we'll handle the rest. Email for any warranty claims or questions.

Obviously, we're not a Patagonia or REI. Ketzal is a small company with small resources. However, we proudly stand behind all our products. Every product is painstakingly assembled by hand from the toughest materials available. We expect them to last a long, long time. If you have a problem with an order or with a product you purchased, please contact us to see what we can do about it. Your satisfaction is our priority.  

Please note

Damage to due wear and tear or mistreatment is not covered.

No returns unless your order qualified for a special 30 day free return.  

Leather is a natural material. Blemishes and markings are completely normal for good quality raw leather. These are not damaged goods.